Sawyer’s Dinner

Hey readers! I had some friends over for dinner last week, and, even if I’m very much obsessed with food, cooking is definitely not my forte… However, we have monthly dinner with these friends, and every time they have us at their places, they always go the extra mile to cook something awesome, so I … More Sawyer’s Dinner

London Calling

Happy Friday readers! I’m in London today – I’ve got a job interview in a few hours so fingers crossed for me please! I had to wake up at 2.30 am to catch my flight from Belfast International (there weren’t any a bit later), so I’m very tired and nervous, but I still thought I … More London Calling

Home Workout!

Dear readers, Let’s get this straight: I’m no sports addict, even less a coach, and I don’t particularly like to workout at all as a matter of fact, but like everyone I know I need to do my share of workout to stay healthy (even though I’d rather stay on the couch and read a … More Home Workout!

A glimpse of my favourite places in the world – Part 1: Lyon

Hi dearest readers! For my first official post, I thought of talking a little bit of where I come from. I’m indeed officially from France (according to my passport), but I’ve been living in so many different places for such a long time that I believe that I can’t really say that I’m only French … More A glimpse of my favourite places in the world – Part 1: Lyon