London Calling

Happy Friday readers!

I’m in London today – I’ve got a job interview in a few hours so fingers crossed for me please! I had to wake up at 2.30 am to catch my flight from Belfast International (there weren’t any a bit later), so I’m very tired and nervous, but I still thought I would take the opportunity to make a quick travel post on London, what I’ve seen today and why I love London so much.

As a matter of fact, I don’t know London that well at all, but on all the occasions I had the opportunity to come for just one day (I used to hop on the bus for a full day of London shopping and museums all the time when I was living in Oxford) or for a whole weekend (last time was in May this year when 15 odd friends of mine and I went to visit the Harry Potter Studios – yes I’ll say it loud and clear, I’m a huge HP fan and this weekend was awesome!), I fell a little bit more in love with London each time. And because it’s so ridiculously big, I get to discover completely new and different things each time. Even my dad who was born and lived about 20 years in London told me once he could still get lost there because it’s so huge.

I’m not sure why, but I was always rather attracted to London, and yet it’s my first interview here – I never actually really seriously thought of moving here before now. I guess it intimated me a bit somehow.

Today, I’m in the Liverpool street/Barbican neighbourhood. I didn’t know this area at all as it’s not super touristic, or particularly interesting to go out to or to do some shopping (well at least if, like me, you’re not rolling in money), but as I might work here in the future (again: fingers croooossed!) I took a particular interest at the wee streets all around.

When you arrive at Liverpool Street Station, you get face to face with the Gherkin and the City’s skyscrapers which are rather impressive when you’re right underneath them (and that comes from the girl who used to live in New York!) but that’s obviously not the part of this area that I liked the most.

Natter with Sawyer -  The Gherkin, LondonMy handbag broke the second I set foot on the English soil, so my first mission was to find a place to buy a new one (I have so much crap in it that it didn’t really surprise me: my laptop, high-heels for the interview, sunglasses and umbrella as you never know with the British weather and so far I used both so it was definitely a good call, a banana, an external battery for my phone, a toothbrush, …) so I headed toward the nearest H&M Google maps was directing me to.

The neighbourhood around Liverpool Street is really posh with magnificent old monuments and expensive looking restaurants (gosh food, I’m so hungry!). The shops around there are much too dear for me to buy a new bag…

I finally arrived in the mall indicated by Google, One New Change, right next to Saint Paul’s Cathedral, where there was indeed an H&M and… a food market, with loads of stuff that looked French! Happy days! So I quickly went to H&M and got myself a nice large robust looking bag (I’d rather have bought a cheap but real leather one from a second hand shop like I usually do, but no time to go vintage shopping today *sadface*) and then spent a while looking at the homemade tarts, cakes, cheese bites and quiches and ended up buying cannelets (specialties from Bordeaux that I used to bake when I was a kid and that I’m simply wild about – they are the wee towers on the below picture between the egg tarts and the chocolate cakes), 2 of them – don’t judge, the nice French lady made an offer I just couldn’t refuse!

Natter with Sawyer - One New Change food market, LondonI then walked to Barbican to make sure I knew where the office where I’ll be interviewed was located, and because I was still a few hours early I then had a nosey around. Gosh, I love the neighbourhood already! Just because of the area I want the job a little bit more! I don’t really know how to explain it because there’s really nothing out of the ordinary, just small streets full of wonders, really tiny parks and benches everywhere (it helps that the weather is crazy good today, I admit) and a lot of small boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops! Love it!

Natter with Sawyer - Museum of London, BarbicanAlmost forgetting that I’ll be in an interview room in about 3 hours, I jump into a super cute kinda hipster looking café/lunch place called Ask For Janice, order a soy latte and Yorkshire black badger bean hummus and flatbread (A-HA, I know, lucky me!), and take out my computer to start writing to the beats of Bombay Bicycle Club, The XX, Two Door Cinema Club, Mazzy Star and Fleetwood Mac playing in the café!

Natter with Sawyer - Soy latte at Ask For Janice, Barbican, LondonNatter with Sawyer - Yorkshire black badger bean hummus and flatbread at Ask For Janice, Barbican, London #lovemylife

Well at least until one of my dear friends sent me the link to an article called “How to answer the 10 hardest job interview questions” that totally freaked me out (what do I do if they ask me what’s my favourite song and if I can sing it??! Arghh, panic attack!), so I’m gonna go back to my interview research now.

Cheerio all!



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