Moving on!

I haven’t been writing for such a long time, I feel so ashamed! But these past 2 months have been really busy and very much life-changing for me – in a good and amazing way!

My life has been pretty chaotic this year – I’ve been in search of myself and what I truly wanted to do with my life after a massive burn out, I changed jobs, loved my new job, then lost my job because the company went bankrupt, then went back to wondering what I really wanted to do with my old self! ‘Follow your passions’ they say… What does that even mean?! I’m passionate about movies, clothes, cats and girl power… Try to come up with career opportunities based on this!! It’s great if you’re Emma Watson or Taylor Swift, but not if you’re a normal person!

A lot of people go through periods of unemployment much longer than mine, but still… Gosh it was hard! The long days waiting at home, on my own, while my bf and all my friends were at work, waiting on updates regarding my benefits, my interviews and my job applications, still trying to make myself useful at home because I obviously had more time on my hands but at the same time dreading more than anything to become the perfect little housewife and hating everyone telling me that if they were my partner they’d totally expect me to take care of everything at home while they were at work (grrrrrr…) Fortunately, my amazing boyfriend does not think like that at all and would much prefer me going to the movies, taking care of myself with a nice mani or an hour at the gym or focussing on applying to jobs rather than doing house chores. But it was also really hard because we had to give up our lovely beloved apartment as we couldn’t afford it anymore…

So 2015 hasn’t really treated me sweetly! But no more moaning and feeling sorry for myself because things turned around, like they always do if you work hard for it I guess! I finally got a few different interviews for great companies in London and got offered an amazing job in Content Marketing for a company on Cannon street, in the City! I’ve spent December travelling from Belfast to France and London, moving around, finalising everything and of course celebrating (the new job, the big move, the new place and of course Christmas and the New Year!) So that’s my big excuse for not having written in so long!

A Christmas dessert on a cheese plate – nom nom nom:

Natter with Sawyer - A Christmas dessert on a cheese plate

I have to say that such an unlucky year has been followed by various very lucky events, and I’m very grateful so far. I was indeed very lucky to be offered a lovely and very affordable room at some friends of a friend – amazingly kind and friendly people with whom I could talk about travelling, food and various stuff for ages! – in a really nice neighbourhood (if you know London a bit, it’s between Caledonian Road and Kentish Town, if you don’t, well just Google it!). Basically, I don’t think I could have found better! It’s really close to Holloway which is a really cool and cheap area, packed with nice little restaurants, a movie theatre (oh so important for me!) and all the shops you could possibly need!

How to feel at home in your new room:

My flatmates stylish apartment:

And… yesterday was my first day at work! I was so nervous! Will I be good enough? Will they like me? Will I get lost on the tube? Well, I’m very happy to say that it went super well! If you can remember, I had to express my frustration here a few months ago against the work market at the minute and how hard it was to find a job where your good work is recognised and appreciated without just being expected. Well, it’s still very early to say but I might have found such a place! I’m not just saying this after two days, they actually invited me to their Christmas party last month and I saw how the CEOs treated their employees: with respect and gratitude. They were very transparent about the success of the company, what has been done with the money they’ve made last year and where and how they wanted the company to grow, and they shared their vision with their employees. It might sound normal to you, and good for you if you have worked with similar companies, but believe me that it was new to me! And I saw that with my fellow co-workers: they all love the company they’re working for! All of them! And I’m not talking about 10 odd people but about 50 of them! And that’s so smart, because making your employees love the company and share the values will make them the best employees ever, which is a really basic and simple fact that a lot of companies still haven’t understood…

Cannon street, where the tempation for food is really high every lunch time… so many places to try!!

Natter with Sawyer - Cannon street.jpg

My new Oyster card! #Imareallondonernow

Natter with Sawyer - My Oyster card.jpg

Anyway, Natter with Sawyer is now officially London based! New life, new job, new dreams!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it started as well for you as it has for me!

Natter with Sawyer - Signature


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