2016 Beauty Trends I’m Dying to Try

New year means new hair, new make-up and new nail trends that I’m committed (kind of) to trying before 2016 ends! Some are super easy to recreate at home, and some less… But they are all absolutely gorgeous! I’ve added a few trends I’m certainly NOT going to be following this year, right at the end, just for a bit of fun!

The Fringe (the comeback)

I literally cut my fringe back 2 weeks ago, yaaay, so that’s one checked already!

Natter with Sawyer - The Fringe (the Comeback)

The Minimalist Mani

Natter with Sawyer - The Minimalist Mani.jpg

The Bronze Lids

Natter with Sawyer - The Bronze Lids.jpg

The Rope Braid

Natter with Sawyer - The Rope Braid (Public School).jpg

Fun Parting

Natter with Sawyer - Kate Bosworth's Braided Parting.jpg

Goth Inspiration

Natter with Sawyer - Goth Inspiration (Anna Sui).jpg

The French ‘Améliorée’

Natter with Sawyer - The French 'Améliorée' (Monique Lhuillier).jpg

The Lob (still!)

Natter with Sawyer - The Lob (Jennifer Lawrence).jpg

Glitters! Everywhere!

Natter with Sawyer - Glitters.jpg

The Elf Ears

Natter with Sawyer - The Elf Ears (Dior).jpg

The Loud Mouth

Natter with Sawyer - The Loud Mouth (Jason Wu).jpg

Now, for the trends I most certainly will NOT be following this year:

Multicoloured Eyebrows

Natter with Sawyer - Multi-coloured Eyebrows.jpg

…and muticoloured hair, for that matter!

Natter with Sawyer - Multicoloured Hair (Cara Delevingne).jpg

The Wet Hair Look (still not…)

Natter with Sawyer - Wet Hair Look (Kenzo).jpg

The Thick Black Lines

Natter with Sawyer - Thick Black Lines (Fendi).jpg

Let me know which trends you’ll be following (or not!) this year!

Natter with Sawyer - Signature





One thought on “2016 Beauty Trends I’m Dying to Try

  1. Really like the natural-looking ones (fringe and “elf ears” in particular), love the bronze lids and both manis. All in all they’re all doable, so thanks for the tips!!

    Liked by 1 person

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