About Sawyer

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my blog!

You know how some people seem to know exactly what they want in life and where they’re going, driven by their dreams and passions?

Well, that’s not me at all.

I’d love to say that I’m passionate about something and I’ll work hard every single second of my life to achieve my dreams and goals – the issue is, I’m not passionate about anything in particular, or more exactly I’m passionate about loads of stuff but not to the point of dedicating my entire life only to it.

In a funny way, that’s why I came up with the idea of this blog (well my boyfriend and close friends actually made me do it to be honest, probably so I’d stop complaining and try to do something constructive with my life!): I really like writing, I’m always geeking and doing some researches about different stuff, I’m a real cinema and fashion buff, and I couldn’t live without travelling, music nor food (well yes, nobody could live without food, but let’s say I think about food probably about 90% of the time). Because I can’t really make my mind up about what I love the most, I’ve decided to talk about all of these different subjects – and maybe I’ll discover which one I’m better at (fingers crossed!).

So to start with, just a few words about me – I don’t really like to talk about myself (“Yeah, right, and you’re starting a blog? The most ego-centred thing you could have done! You’re not fooling anyone Sawyer!”) so I’ll keep it short: I’m half French-half English, I live in Belfast at the minute, but I also used to live in New York, Berlin, Oxford and Lyon (my hometown), and I’m officially a Marketing Executive, although I’ve always had the sickening feeling that I was meant for greater things (but then again, who hasn’t?). Oh and I’m a fierce feminist and cat lover… You might realise that throughout my future posts so I might as well show my colours now!

Happy reading!


You're never fully dressed without a smile


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